ZOLTEK™ CARBON FIBERS Polyacrylonitrile-based Carbon Fibers

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ZOLTEKPX35 – Cost-effective, PAN-based, commercial carbon fiber for ideal for automotive, wind energy, and structural reinforcement applications. ZOLTEKPX35 carbon fiber is known for remarkable performance characteristics including, high strength, low weight, high stiffness, and corrosion resistance.

ZOLTEKPX30 – High purity carbon fiber designed for use in fuel cells, carbon/carbon composites, and friction applications. ZOLTEKPX30 is ideal for extreme applications that demand resistance to harsh temperatures and chemical environments.

ZOLTEKOX – Oxidized PAN fiber that is inherently flame resistant, making it an effective heat blocking and fire barrier material. When put to the test, ZOLTEKOX outperforms the competition; retaining its appearance, hand, and textile characteristics after open flame exposure.

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